Архив за 05.2014


23.05.2014 18:53

Что-то я давно охуенные ролики не публиковал.

З.Ы. У нас всё в порядке.


04.05.2014 20:45

Перестал работать домашний струйник, который мы юзаем по делу ежедневно.
Листы бумаги стали захватываться с правого края и зажевываться.
Перепробовал разные варианты, задно почистил, ничего не помогает. Думаю, надо в ремонт нести или новый покупать.
В итоге пошел гуглить. Наткнулся на пост, где народ обсуждает похожие проблемы.
Один знаток делится болью, цитирую:

I’ve had this error for the last 2 months (MP 150 though) and periodically tried to fix it. I heard a grinding noise after the following step, but resolved with step 2.

- I finally read a suggestion to try to push something thicker than a plain sheet of paper through. I cut a side of a manilla folder into a 8.5″x11″ and let the printer try to grab it during a copy. After doing it’s normal “grab the right side until it’s skewed and stop”, I continued to try to push it through. I wasn’t able to push it to the printing area, but I saw that a piece of something (not much bigger than a bread crumb) came out of the feeder into the interior print area.

- I tried another copy, and it was very slightly improved but still skewing and jamming the paper. Suggest unplugging it before performing this…I then lifted the interior piece of plastic (white color for my Pixma MP 150 - which would be located above the paper as it was fed into the print area) slightly to allow any jammed items to come through. Out comes small pieces and then a larger piece of cracker (about the size of 1/4 a cheez-it). Ok I feel dumb, but I’m glad I found something.

I picked out the crumbs and did a careful vacuum in the interior and exterior paper feed. Slight warning: The foam bottom below the ink is not secured and will get sucked up by the hose. And note, that I did try vacuuming the intake and interior previously with no improvement. The nozzle on my vacuum is too large to get into the bottom of the exterior intake.
- For good measure, I also picked up the printer and turned it upside down and shook vigorously in a couple angles. I saw a couple more small crumbs come out.

* My printer is now feeding the paper correctly and successfully made a copy/print.

Hope this helps.

Народ ниже одобрительно пишет, что метод работает.
Метод тупой, но решил попробовать — отключил принтер и перевернул.
Увидел внутри плюшевую игрушку (тонкая овца, во всех смыслах) с левого края, которая мешала попаданию бумаги.
Чудны дела твои, Canon.